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If something is "peachy" that means it is really great. "Peachy keen" means cool or awesome. We took that phrase and tricked it out to Peachy Green, since our peachy diapers are reusable and organic!

Peachy Green diapers are sewn and assembled in Missouri, USA. Run by a WAHM, Peachy Green is a small family company who plan the diaper print and color selections, gather all the materials needed, and hand them off to the seamstresses. Every week we pick up the diapers that our stitchers have ready - our diapers don't have to be shipped around the country or across the globe - which helps lower the carbon used in production and keeps jobs based in a country with environmental and human rights standards.

Peachy Green cloth diapers & covers are made with the highest quality materials:

Waterproof fabric - Knit polyester laminated with polyurethane (known as PUL). We use 1 mil PUL because it is lightweight, soft, and doesn't hold in a lot of heat like thicker 2 mil PUL can. It is just as waterproof and it withstands repeated washing and drying well. Peachy Green printed PUL fabrics are just as soft as the solids and do not wick moisture to the baby's clothing or bedding. PUL in prints or solids is your most durable, long-lasting choice for diaper covers and all-in-ones.

Soaker & inner fabric - For Peachy Green soakers we use bamboo viscose blended with organic cotton -- soft, absorbent, and mildew resistant. Bamboo viscose absorbs liquid more quickly than cotton!

Snap Closures - The polyresin snaps are stronger than fabric. If yanked open, you can tear the diaper or cover. Please be gentle.

Elastic - We use extremely durable yet soft elastic, top quality elastics. Peachy Green elastic can take numerous trips through the dryer without sagging or breaking. However, setting your dryer on low is always a good idea - some dryers get hot enough to melt PUL and damage elastic.

Binding - Also known as FOE or fold-over elastic. We use a combination of different types on our diaper covers. The gusset binding is narrower and softer than the edge binding. Great care has been taken to develop covers that will be gentle on little legs.


Peachy Green

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