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What is the best Trim Fitting nappy available?

 by babyblossom on 02 Nov 2014 |
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What is the best trim fitting nappy?

Ok, so "best" will be quite subjective and will depend on what suits your individual bubs needs. No single brand is likely to work for every baby and mum. That said, if "trim" is your main requirement we can't go past the Peachy Green nappies, both their all in one and all in two are the trimmest nappies we've come across.

Most modern cloth nappy brands are aiming for that ideal combination of trim and absorbent, and with modern fabrics like bamboo they are doing a good job of getting that mix perfected. Generally it's only the super absorbent night nappies that can be noticably bulky. Most other styles, when not stuffed with extra boosters, are quite trim and comfortable for bub. 

Keep in mind that generally speaking the trimmer the nappy the less absorbency (comparing like fabrics of course, so bamboo will be more absorbent than terry cloth even though it is slimmer). So you wouldn't probably choose your trimmest nappy for long car rides, nap time or other times when you need peak absorbency, but even the trimmest of the trim should still comfortably last 2 hours+. 

And for yet to be mums who might be asking "why is trim so desirable", you'll quickly find using cloth nappies that some pants, and in particular onesie's, might be hard to do up and you might find yourself having to go up a size when buying leggings and pants. However, there are products out there to help extend body suits that will make life a little easier and give you more wear out of your bubs clothes.


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