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Do all cloth nappies need a cover?

 by babyblossom on 17 Apr 2015 |
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No. Most "modern cloth nappies" have a waterproof outer layer so you don't need a seperate cover, that is the beauty of the modern cloth nappy!

So when might you need a cover? Well, you'll need a separate cover if using flats, prefolds or fitted nappies. These nappy styles are made purely of absorbent materials so will need a cover to avoid wetness coming through to clothes etc.

You may find that you can even live without a cover with a particularly good fitted nappy just by ensuring very frequent nappy changes.

Nappy Covers - Why do I need one?
Many parents find using a cover with flats/prefolds is often a cheaper alternative to modern cloth nappies, particularly in the newborn stages where nappy changes are more frequent. 

I've personally found covers useful when my babies had just about outgrown their OSFM nappies and were on the verge of toilet training, I was able to use covers to add a bit extra leak protection over already waterproof nappies or when toddler refused to change out of daytime training pants for nap time. Quickly putting a cover over the training pants before nap time and no more worries about a wet bed. 

And of course, they come in so many cute and gorgeous designs we even find disposable users choosing covers to "pretty" up their nappies.

So while there are plenty of options where you don't need a cover there are some good reasons why you might choose to have some in your stash.



Lana Murpy - Comment
Lana Murpy13 Apr 2021Reply
I had this question on my mind for a long time! Good to know

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