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Wizard Uno Night Package Options

Wizard Duo Night Package Options


Mother-ease Night Nappy Packages

Mother-ease make a range of super-absorbent nappies that are perfect for use overnight. With a Mother-ease night nappy you can be assured your nappy will be reliable, comfortable, easy to wash and use and really go the distance. Our recommended night nappies are the Wizard Uno and the Wizard Duo with "Night" insert.

To help you we have put together a selection of night nappy packages to help you choose your night nappy solution. Each package contains everything you need - the nappy plus the matching recommended boosters and covers where required. All of the packages come with 3, 4 or 6 nappies.

For washing every 2 days choose:

3 Nappies if your baby only uses one nappy/night (no changes)
4 Nappies if you sometimes have to change the nappy overnight
6 Nappies if you use 2 nappies/night or you have two children in night nappies

These packages contain everything you need to make night nappies easy
and you get a nice discount too!          

Choose Between:

Wizard Uno Nappies with
Matching Super-Absorbent Boosters

(This nappy has a sewn in stay-dry liner)

Choose this nappy for:
* convenience of an All in One design - easy to put on even by occassional carers
* trimness from the patented super-absorbent microfibre core. 

  Small Medium Large
3 Nappies 
3 Boosters    
$117.00     $120.00     $123.00   
4 Nappies
4 Boosters
$149.00 $155.00 $159.00
6 Nappies
6 Boosters
$224.00 $230.00 $236.00


Wizard Duo "Night" Inserts
Wizard Duo Cover
Matching Super-Absorbent Boosters

(This nappy has a snap in stay-dry liner)

Choose this nappy for:
* extra absorbency of the specially designed "Night" insert
* fast drying time of the completely separated cover and insert. 

3 Inserts
2 Covers
3 Boosters   
$130.00       $140.00     
4 Inserts
2 Covers
4 Boosters
$160.00 $170.00
6 Inserts
3 Covers
6 Boosters
$235.00 $250.00

Tips and Tricks      

Do I really need a special night nappy?
Not necessarily. All of the Mother-ease nappies are designed to be used at night with boosting. The key to a good night nappy is it's ability to keep it's shape with boosting. The Mother-ease nappies are specially designed to do this. These packages are designed for people who have choosen a different brand of nappy and find it doesn't hold up overnight or for those lucky Mother-ease customers who have super-heavy-night-wetters!

Help! My nappies always leak overnight ...
Don't panic - there are lots of things to try:

  • * Check the fit of the nappy and cover - both should fit snuggly but not too tight. If you've got the wrong size get the right size.
    * Check the cover is not worn out - older than six months you should be suspicious. Covers can wear out on All in Ones and Pocket Nappies too!
    * Boost more! If you can't fit another booster in the nappy put it between the nappy and the cover.
    * Change the nappy when you go bed (if you can do this without waking your baby!)
    * Always change if you are feeding at night.
    * Limit fluids before bedtime (this really works!)
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