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Raw Silk Liners - 3 Pack

disana wool nappy cover
Disana raw silk liners are made from 100% organic silk and have an anti-inflammatory effect against the skin. The fabric also cools irritated skin so are widely used to help nappy rash effected skin heal. Use a new liner in each fresh nappy until nappy rash is healed.

Measuring 45 x 15cm they can be folded to fit in smaller nappies and fit right up to extra large nappies.

Price is for 3 liners.

Raw silk, also known as Silk Noil, is a 100% natural fibre, so if you choose to use liners in your Modern Cloth Nappies these are a great choice for synthetic inner nappies or laid on top of prefolds or flats. Raw silk liners provide a natural and reusable alternative to disposable liners, because the fibres contain a protein left behind by the silkworms called sericin which is antibacterialpromotes healing and acts as a defence against nappy rash. Raw silk liners can also be used by Mum to promote healing after child birth or from fungal infections(in conjunction with professional medical treatment of course!)

Care: To get the most out of raw silk liners it is important to take care when washing them, the sericin protein can be stripped out of the fibres if not laundered gently. Gently hand wash in warm water with a small amount of mild detergent and hang to dry in the shade. Please note, if washed in the machine with nappies these liners will shrink slightly and sericin levels will be affected, but even then they are still able to be successfully used as a natural fibre liner for your nappies.

We prefer and recommend Tri Nature laundry detergents for use with Modern Cloth Nappies and accessories. No bleaching, fabric softener or soaking required. Avoid detergents containing bleaches or cellulase (commonly referred to as ‘enzymes’) as these will strip and break down organic fibres.

Ethically made in Germany by Disana from GOTS Certified 100% Organic Silk.

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